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Virtual reality is the most demanded course in India right now has far it is very offend used in industry's & major companies to promote their business  this course comes with major forms of gaming , animation & all other kinds of needs to the platform to learn virtual reality courses in india

virtual reality courses comes with major parts like animation development , game development or of major parts of 3d animation rooms has far virtual reality courses can be learnt on bases of 3 courses which are of now

what are top virtual reality courses available ?

Virtual reality on based of unity Engine , google cardboard & other parts of programs  or of film industry of virtual graphics for movies virtual reality courses are though by three major parts has of 

1. virtual reality by unity Engine 

2. google cardboard

3. virtual reality with mixed reality AR , VR with unity 3d 

This courses comes with mode of online or in form of offline classes through companies & trainers has far this course price cost of 300$  for their major development parts this courses are very demanded in automobile industry & defense parts of army which are major to make a very perfect move for a brand or a country's to develop in leading places such has turkey, USA , Russia . This courses are majorly used in parts of  VR IN AUTOMATIVE,  VR IN ENTERTINMENT.  VR IN IN DEFENCE  & major places to over come problems of companies.

virtual reality courses in India are of highly complicated & are not been chosen by people al through it has a major demand people offend use to do clash courses or of beginner level courses of virtual reality.

has of now people are now getting noticed about this course & this courses are been offend introduced in colleges such LPU , VIT & much parts of south colleges of country augmented & virtual reality courses comes with a fee of 4.5 lakhs to , 6.5 lakhs in India right now with fewer educational institution among the  part  


virtual reality courses in India

Learn Digital with google a campaign ruined by google to educate people with free of cost. google is now connected with a website named learn digital will google where google offers lot of courses for free to learn for poor & needy people where this option is available at a  free point of cost to all the people around earth for access many skills  

list below of Top 5 courses which are available at free to users! 

1. business communication
2. digital marketing
3. machine learning 
4. AI  well being
5. google cloud 
6. eliminates of AI

This courses help people to move froward has to secure their job & most part of time to move on with their needs for the once with professions & business this helps people move with the part to educate others too this are all of few list which comes. where has google offers lot of courses which can help you make your goals complete. 

How this course is worth of doing ? 

This is a question on which everyone get is this Mind google too offers a solution by giving students & people a certificate which is worth  if we present in to the form of resume when we apply for a job which makes a sense of change with others too
learn with a tech based company powered with google which makes a lot of difference from others when compared  many get their business imposed with the skills offered from google which makes a sense on part of digital marketing too has far many people ignore this facts & come up doing fun with the people who suggest this stuff has far  

Does this help in career development ? 

This site helps a part to develop their career by means of  lot of courses which makes a difference with unique talent in a part too this part helps a main progress of learning different skills which may be surly helpful to a part like " CLOUD LEARNING , DATA BASE, ENGLISH " & much more this helps to make a all rounded part of development to the learner which makes a very big sense from others has part of the learning program this helps learner to communicate with each other from a path once 

Does  Google provide certificates of Learning program ?  Does it worth !

Yes google provide every person who completes a course has part this comes to only few courses like digital marketing but a part once may be good  once is this courses have a very valuable part of signature from google CEO has a part of education certificate which comes up with a code which scorelines a part once too has far i recommend  you to try a part of course so you can learn some new skills has part of time to get educated in free part time too  here i provide you a like where you can be a part of it  

 here   to learn & be a part


Top 6 courses which you can do with "Learn with google" Program

Many people in India doesn't know that the very big tech giants & IT professional company such has google & Facebook store their data in room where it passes through wires reach us from a network tower to a network provides 

1. first the all part starts with a passage of room where all the coding, photos, & important files are been stored in a very big hard drives such has data storage rooms where google & Facebook store their data & run the total commends of search engines where lot of software engineers work for to store the data run the data & manipulate the errors has of you can see in the below image lot of data is been stored in a major part of data centers like a very big scale hard disk   

                        Data center 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download ... 
where the many company's take part in purchase of hosting & to run a website this rooms help in storage of data to ruining of data Comanches of a website this storage company's are of different kinds & ruined d by different company's to a sore owner & also far has like startup company's they use lot of data & the storage for the data is provided by this mid partner company's in far ways like so needed once this data can also be accesses through the world by means of wires connecting each country into the form of seas & oceans   
has far this data is connected to main p[partner company's at different forms 

2. into the deep see where this data is be transferred & used to be provided by network provides from storage rooms to the data in your mobile this all runs in a part where we are connected towards a form of data to each other in a path of finding new things this rooms & this wires play a important rolls into the path of finding the ways  

this how the pattern works where this part comes to the maintenance where the network proves such for the profits in maintaining & getting connecting each other from where the storage part to the data transfer this system is used in part of over daily life the longer the process the more the data is been used & stored so far many company's & data startup comes up with idea & spread wings with data though this formats  

Know how Data Center works ?

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants & it is popularly known has ACCA it is very famous of the need of digital accounting this course offers out to move on to a very profession part of accountant in part of a company or firm

ACCA  is also known to be getting the popular course in the part of the Indian university has of knowing this course makes an accountant be on profession level branded personality has of this course offer comes up with a higher cost nearly around 1.5 to 2 lakhs in mid-face of India this course if popularity known has the Acca in part of commerce students this brand also offers jobs to complete persons, of course, apart once has far now this course gives a handly job for the once who have completed their exams which are given by the brand named Acca has after joining this once one can able to  

This course has come up with 13 papers of exam & after completing the given exams by a one then they can be one of the member of Acca & a part of Certified accountant in part of any company with professional skills based on it 

This course is widely spread throughout the world where has this is the most preferred once has of know this is the widely spread once in part of world Indian companies too likely to add this has a part of their review to get into the major job once till now has far many are invited to join into this ACCA association this course is also to be known as the most wanted need to a company for the good going part of the business of a part once of the brand named 

many types of jobs is been posted every day on based of the need of Acca applicant to be joining a  part once of the association many types of jobs are being made every day for the need of the part important brand Acca has far the needs the jobs are been fulfilled by the association by the mean membership offers of the association  

many are now been called this course has an alternative of CA charted accountant has part has ACCA chartered certified accountant has far this is the major part once for the demand for this association is also been called a part once of the need 

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All you Need to Know About ACCA

 Digital Learning & E-Learning in Indian Educational System 
Digital learning has now become a very big platform for many students to approach has there is growth since the major part of the distance of the platform from the virus now university have started to approach the newly & effective part of learning by the major roll part of the education many private institutions like VIT uses digital platforms for their E-Learning for even then I come has a secondary path where it is not been followed by any kind of university of government based colleges so far in India! Udemy is an best platform for e-learning. You can find more then 60k courses on Udemy. If you want to purchase any course from Udemy then use Udemy coupon to save a lot of your money.

Digital platforms like Microsoft teams & major company's pay a Hugh amount in the implementation in the part of e-learning in major forms also in India this is followed But even then there is a Hugh problem faced through the quality of education from digital platforms has such e platforms are a secondary major part for the learning for the education
Institutions are now only in a path of completing their degrees nor their aim to innovative ideas for the students to study has far many are companies are invited to plan a platform for digital learning only for the completion of the syllabus Has far they do what is been approached to gain the knowledge for the once

Digital E-Learning in the World of the Internet :
Digital learning is seen as the most conman has to for form them to invest like for the certificates many brands only major part like getting certified only based on the payment received for the courses many start getting an idea for the once of getting answers from the other platforms & start cracking the need of the answers to get them self-certificated for the once their major path is just to get the once certified on based of money nor the effectiveness of delivering knowledge to the needed once Digital Learning in India is a business for the major once they just influence to keep learning the courses which are not even worth full & even for the need of employment for a person has far their idea is to trap a person to keep their business growing far better in India we find a lot of fake certified once has they transfer their part for the digital platforms by giving their needed money to them 

Digital Learning & growth in remote places of India & Growth of education in poor:  

Learning from digital platforms is like getting Gold for free in India & people from poor backward places has a dream to see How it happens many people of India are new to the digital platforms even than their the major

 company's offer the most who have certificates than the talent the poor cant get their certificates from digital has it does not have any scope of learning from the digital the people of poor financial status remains the same where has the people get their certificates from the digital Learning & courses It is like a fact the poor remains poor by not having enough money to obtain by digital learning or the digital platforms Where have others keep going on with many certificates to crack their jobs in India Many people lag by not getting enough skills & cant crack their jobs & remain their talent into a form of dust in their brain

E- Learning in indian Educational System

bachelor of fine arts a very simple & attractive course  many students opt after their intermediate education this course is opted & mainly has subjects like animation & visual learning also few subjects like painting & other stuff this course is majorly chosen for the self-developed of a particular goal minded persons in the educational systems

this course is usually pursued by students who have unique in them & also hidden in them. However, students who have mind  forwarded to a visual or performing arts area this course is made for the students who approach towards the unique path of their life 

BFA Bachelor of fine arts contains major courses like :
1. Painting 
2. Textile Design
3. Pottery & Ceramics
4. Digital Arts 
5. Photography 
6. Graphic Designing

This is a few types of learning you can get while opting this course given has far this course has its own challenges & gives a lot of life skills & aptitude to a person in life  This course is made for the persons who like to make their life has a dream based projects & also live to an independent source of living the life of human this course has been a very most like by the person  who makes their life joyful every movement or the day 

 1. Musician:
 2. Photographer
 3. Art Conservator
 4. Animator
 5. Graphic Designer 
 6. Multimedia Artist 

This are the few types of skills & things which you can desire from this course from opting the course Bachelor of fine arts 

Job & Need for this profession in the day to day life & companies

This course is majorly liked by the company who make their brand into a free chain & also many people deserve to be in the profession of freedom & good work profession also many prefer this kind of work chain many company's like Microsoft hire people who are based on this background of studies 
& outcome aspects :

The cost of the course does not have but even equal to major other courses it is a higher graded course & has a lot of value & preferred by most in the English countryside's of the part 
also, the outcome of this course is shocking has this course make you an independent & can lead to create something which who never even thought before this is the major  of this course for now  

Also, this is details of the based one of this course of the  bachelor of fine arts

what is bachelor of fine arts

Has far many people does not know that many apps are now created with app inventors & visual app coding now Learn App devlopment  at home buy creating apps without coding 

platforms such has Kodular, appcreator24, MIT, casagbic are few which are known has visual or app inventors has you know many people wanted to know what is coding & how app are developed for such this platforms are the beginner once where we can start learning what is coding languages & how code works for the implementation of process chain for a app to work functionally this platforms are rarely used by pro once has such this are used by the beginner once or making apps for few period of time has such this are now getting popular once now for the newly once who want to create apps by their own has such You can earn lots of money & market products buy making apps 

1. MIT app inventor is the first platform which started to develop apps using visual coding or by means of not script based coding languages which used to create apps on online platform has such many started following this platform by their help & support many other platforms started growing by this platform this MIT app inventor works on a platform of java scripts to create apps has such like android studio once  has such this platform is used for getting knowledge of app development for the new once this platform is the most trusted & well growing app platform in visual app development till now here you can know the topic more has such this app inventors are taking place a very important roles in new startup & launched companies has such to provide enough money to users by app marketing or by means of advertising benefits has such this platform also educates the users how to code with visual app development & has such you can also have a try with this link given below once 

Bugs : →  Old looking UI
            →  Non complement with IOS(apple)


2.  Kodular has such this is also the same kind of platform when it comes to coding this platform is the most preferred once till now has such this provides much more tools & lots more in a simple & good looking UI has such many users prefer this app to develop their apps faster & easier than the MIT app developer has such many users are still growing with this platform  also this platform is a paid once has such this site is connected with Amob  & also makes a partnership with unity ads & collects more commission rates for advertising in app & also makes complements with commission from the app development users now required to pay a paid membership for their app to get all kinds of needed advertising & more from the platform has such but this app also works with the free once too has far this can be managed by the new users has many does not need any kind of need of advertising in their apps has such this is also the best preferred platform for visual coding & easy access of app development  here is link so you can refer the website with the following link

Bugs :  → uses lot of commission
             → Can not create apps for IOS(Apple )


3. Casagbic is also a platform belonging & under developed by Indians & made fully functional for Indian has such this site is also a referring site of MIT app inventors has such this site is full of free & easy accessible once has such this site does not collect any kind of commission or makes any complement with membership or any of such has such this site is fully accessible with & also made for most of Indians has such this once is special has lot of extensions based on the core development of Indian based once has such the site run their ads to make out their profit from the source what they earn through has such this site is also recommended for the who like to develop Indian style based apps  has such many users are fully engaged with the once by making apps with this platforms till now its a newly platform created at once of 2020 by an app developer & programmer from India has such you can create a free app at home & earn money by marketing or advertising once

Bugs : →Full of ads
            →Non IOS complement
            →Not fully capable For worldwide use

Here you can see this site link which refers to CASAGBIC 


4. App Creator 24 is a site where you can create your own apps & lot of money has such you can make Hugh profits at home by this platforms till now many users opt to create lot of apps from this site also this site is accessible world wide till now & makes lot of apps has such this is complement with old versions has well also has lot of options such has making money with this platform is by advertising has such this platform plays for the role of creating small & simple apps for the creators till now many users also use this for making apps which are of small kind & lot of advertising money is been earned by this platforms such has app Creator 24

Bugs : → old looking UI
            → Not made for IOS Platform

 Here is the Link where you can vist the site through :

5.  thunkable Finally the best & most used once Thunkable this is also a visual app creator used for the source of drag & drop technology has such this also makes a same  review of kodulor has such this platform is used for making a games for ios & android has such many use this platform for the once who like to develop apps for the both complement versions has such kodulor this app inventors too take the commission form the users for building their apps but this is also the most preferred once for the creating of apps & making money from the once has such this also used to create apps with out coding & makes app with visual & drag & drop technology till now has many users use this once company now claim commissions has paid membership for making apps & distributing the apps from the source 

Bugs : → High commissions rates 
           → Need memberships for  app development space  


Has far this are the sites where you can create apps & make lot of money or marketing sales has such this app creators are made for the common man also does not acquire enough knowledge to create a apps & this apps are simple & clear once  

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Learn App development at home at free of cost

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