Has far  prime minister of India  told the word Empower Employment in India has giving a change in life of poor people in India 

Empower Employment Has became a very big challenge right now for the country has far to support & faster growth of economy & towards an healthy effective path in rise of the nation Empower Employment takes place a very key roll in the major process & major growth for the country has far due to an effect of bad virus from eastern parts of other country's their is a very low growth in the term Empower Employment in India has far many types of process & major changes are being taken place in power to have a change in the economical growth of the country has far now the government is very busy in the support & safe guarding the virus from east has far now. 

Empower Employment has became now an digital roll in the major sectors like Internet Providers too has far in India the most major buying digital service has far till now is of serving Internet for the most of the users in India has far this is making a major rise in  Empower Employment in the growth of jobs & lots more to the people of nation 

Has such many people of the country are giving a major roll in the start up of small company too in the evenly part of the south India till now has far towards the major initiative of India is to give Empower Employment to all the sectors of the nation many people of the nation started using this terms to rise in major growth of women Employment in the nation has far government of south is also giving lot of opportunities for the growth of Empower Employment among the women in India Has far many are in waiting source for the above once for the major growth of the nation till now 

Empower Employment in south Indian States :

Has far many of such has started on going with a start up business for their growth of the company's & industries over all by this once has far many tell that powers will be received only once if we came on to work with a initiative such to give a power for the nation has far Empower Employment has became a major part of the south Indian growth people who are old & not able to work out are now working on servers from Internet Provides in the process at home work from remote areas of India 

Remote villages has growth of Jobs For the Employment of Degree holders :

Has far now this makes a lot of sense for getting employed has such far now Employment is being a very big roll in the major growth of educated or to move across the poor from the family's such has few people of poor family's are now leading with Empower Employment in the major growth so lets take a part to educate people & make a change in growth of nation Has of

Empower Employment in India

Has Know many students are in a confusion of doing something in their life for upcoming education has far we would see more about the courses & suggested colleges... 

Has far Many students are in a very complicity of getting educated from passing out of their intermediate levels to engineering & degree also with their primary languages such has Telugu & Sanskrit too

The first choice I prefer is to get certified with other courses & additional learning courses with an intermediate of degree or Engineering has far there are divided into parts such as when it comes to a path of

The degree has been primary choose by people of ap & has far with the Telugu language has given below 

1. BCom
2. BSc
3. BBA
4. technical education such has diploma  

Has far many students opt to study the BCom course with opting commerce has main roll jobs & Indian jobs are given in the main role of this degree sector once has far this once the degree is chosen  for getting quick & simple job roles in the field

When it comes to engineering there are better options such has given below 

1. ECE 
2. EEE
3. CSE
4. Mechanical Engineering 
5. Other Technical Education

Has far degree is been chosen for the once of the person who is interested in higher-level or of the once too has far this also chosen by the students who are passing outgoing students of intermediate levels too has far the once the 2 sates of Telugu people choose more such has ECE has their chosen course too has far this is been the main rolls has far with the people with Telugu & far the once this are the high priority growing courses in India & Telugu states of the following

Has far many students are in confusion that they must go on a short term degree or long term engineering courses has far now 

The approach of being towards education one must take in place all round knowledge before joining a course & make sure students feel easy for the following course has far I also recommend you take a look on all the needs & approach extra courses & teachers for the following time while reaching to the institution has far I was studied in a private university named vit in Vellore since 2019 has far am also a degree student who has now been in an approach of studying BCom in a university has far my experience degree is far easier than engineering or ece courses have far till now & I also made all the needed once of the daily extra additional courses to make sure am complement towards growing a high official person

So make sure you to have a good decision before going for the option of choosing the degrees & engineering courses has far now 

until than happy holidays

Courses you can do after your Intermediate Education

Has far today in globe virus from china is fully spreading has such its going on now without of control has such this is a very bad issue for the once for in bad situation once.

Virus are being spread by mean of traveling & other issues like air has such this once has been spread very larger than the once how can we move on with dealing with all kind of virus has such this virus can be spread only true the once of traditional methods

Traditional methods of getting your body safe from unknown virus :

1. virus can be easy  attached by the once of touching each once or  who  taking place a medical treatment in the time period of virus issue
2. in mature form to protect virus we can use a high immune building foods such has teem foods & other foods of Indian culture
3. stop eating food which are near to UN clear or dirty places
4. using mask & other air purifying once does not matter has such the virus can spread all through into your mouth or of other source  so its better you can protect your self  from the once building your immune & body health
5. being clean is the first thing you can do so far to get away the unknown virus from the source of contact
6. do not make any kind of tensed or fearful thoughts into your minds has such by thinking & getting tensed makes no sense for the affected virus
7. use home made dis infects & other cleaning once from the below

 How we can make Home made & other cleaning disinfects from natural sources :

Make use of neem & other cleaning agents such has coal for preparing the clean source of dis infects
clean your body parts & all other once by means of natural sourced leaf based products make sure you can have a choice of getting cleaned by hot water has hot water makes the virus die has faster has possible once

Has far to make the once clean & other parts of your home clean make sure to use plant based dis interferes & other to clean your home

Stay in a very hot place & keep your room more than degrees it may be weird once but this can help you out has such this type of virus can be stopped by means of this kind of measures too

What else you can do to protect your self from unknown virus : 

people now are getting to  tensed once for getting insurance for the source of health also you can protect you self from this terms such has insurance or life time based insurance or easy return planned insurance has such many people through out the globe started now getting insurance has such this insurance & other sources are getting popular & also this types can help insurance keep safe too for you

Make sure you have financially sounded once before going for traveling other means but for the source this you can use travel insurance of health insurance too making sure of getting a happy living or traveling once

This are the once you can do to protect your self from the once of unknown virus

follow us on more with this Hybrid world

Gain your immunity to protect from Virus

ఫలిత వీక్షణ సహజ రక్షణ కోసం అందించిన చర్మం వంటి అసలైన టూర్లు, బాహ్య వాతావరణం నుండి శోషణ యొక్క ఖచ్చితమైన ప్రదేశం మరియు పేగు ల్యూమన్ కంటెంట్లలో జీర్ణమయ్యే ఆహారం, తీసుకున్న సూక్ష్మజీవులు యొక్క తక్కువ మరియు అధిక సాపేక్ష పరమాణు ద్రవ్యరాశి ఉత్పత్తులు ఉన్నందున, అలిమెంటరీ ట్రాక్ట్‌లో మరింత ప్రత్యేకమైన అంశాలు అవసరమయ్యాయి. , అందువలన సహజ ప్రారంభ మైక్రోఫ్లోరా. అందువల్ల, ఎగువ జీవుల పేగు పాక్షికంగా చొచ్చుకుపోయే వడపోతగా ఉద్భవించింది, ఇది స్థూల కణ పదార్థాల ప్రవేశాన్ని ఎక్కువగా నిరోధిస్తుంది, కాని చిన్న పోషకాలను

పొందటానికి అనుమతిస్తుంది. హానికరమైన భాగాలు అవరోధంలోకి చొచ్చుకుపోయినప్పుడు, పునరుత్పాదక రోగనిరోధక ప్రతిచర్యలు పేగు యొక్క పనితీరు లేదా సమగ్రతను రాజీ పడకుండా ఈ చొచ్చుకుపోవడాన్ని పరిమితం చేయాలి. జీర్ణశయాంతర ప్రేగుల (జిఐ) వ్యవస్థ యొక్క ప్రాముఖ్యత మరియు సంక్లిష్టత దాని వైఫల్యం లేదా క్రమబద్దీకరణలో వ్యక్తమయ్యే తీవ్రమైన ప్రభావాల ద్వారా స్పష్టంగా తెలుస్తుంది, ఉదాహరణకు, సూక్ష్మజీవుల ఇన్‌ఫెక్షన్లు, అలెర్జీ, నియోప్లాజాలు, తాపజనక వ్యాధులు మరియు ఆటో-రోగనిరోధక శక్తి. సెల్యులార్ మరియు మాలిక్యులర్ ఇమ్యునాలజీలో పురోగతి గ్లో రోగనిరోధక వ్యవస్థపై ఎక్కువ అవగాహనకు దారితీసింది మరియు ఆహారంతో దాని పరస్పర చర్యకు దారితీసింది. ఈ సమాచారం నిస్సందేహంగా

సహజమైన రక్షణ కోసం అందించిన చర్మం

hello! views here we are going to share a top about food which we must eat & food which we must leave.
many people apot to eat food which is tastly but it makes a difference in your health once you move on to taste 

let's talk about India & major South sates of india many people of India are now getting adopt to foreign culture were it's a majority of the other countries is cool climate when completed to Indian climates

by eating that foods which are followed in other countries in India makes a very big difference in change of food has  I tell that food India plays a very most role 

where has comparative food eating in India has became a trend this juncky food is leading to very most dangerous virus in body also this type of food is making a change in thinking & attitude of Indian & people of India
so what can we do to change this 

let's talk about the steps what we can to overcome this foods
at first we must start eating food which is healthyer & by traditional 

I have given a lot of food recipes which lead to a healthy life by mean of eating this food can cause of claim down a virus faster than usual this virus are also seen in very different countries like China now a day 

so let's take a step to prevent a old virus & have a healthy lead to good traditional food also has methods this website offers lot of items such has food & traditional methods of preparing a food also we recommend you to have this food because this type of food can help the people get disinfect from virus also this type of traditional foods can prevent of lack of visiting doctors we gladly like eating traditional foods which foods make different in eating habits 
let's take about traditional foods of Andhra pradesh this type of food are very popular in India & many people in Andhra eat vegetables also in Andhra pradesh many traditional food celebration takes place when it comes for the food 
also traditional foods are used has medicine for many problems & virus in India traditional telugu foods are most popular for its greensish looking food & this food is also been liked by youth & people of Andhra pradesh I  South India

food which we must leave & food we must adopte

జొన్న రవ్వ ఉప్మా

కావలసిన పదార్థాలు

 జొన్న రవ్వ - 100 గ్రా . ,

 కరివేపాకు - 3 గ్రా .
 నూనె - 50 మి . లీ . 
వేరుశనగ గుళ్ళు - 30 గ్రా . 
ఉల్లిపాయలు - 30 గ్రా . 
టమోటాలు - 20 గ్రా . 
పచ్చిమిర్చి - 10గ్రా . 
జీలకర్ర - 3 గ్రా .
 క్యారెట్లు - 20 గ్రా . 
ఆవాలు - 2 గ్రా .
 నీరు - 3 1 / 2
 ఉప్పు - తగినంత

ప్పులు పచ్చిశనగపప్పు - 5 గ్రా . తయారీ విధానము * బాణిలో 2 టీస్పూన్ల నూనె వేసి జొన్న రవ్వని రంగు మారేంతవరకు వేయించాలి . 

 ఒక పాత్రలో 15 మి . లీ . నూనె వేసి దానిలో జీలకర్ర , ఆవాలు , తరిగిన ఉల్లిపాయలు , టమాటా , క్యారెట్ మరియు పచ్చిమిర్చి , కరివేపాకు వేసి వేయించాలి . 

 ఇప్పుడు ఉప్పు , మూడున్నర కప్పుల నీరు పోసి 10 నిమిషాలు మరిగించాలి . 

మరిగిన నీటిలో జొన్న రవ్వని వేసి ఉడికించాలి .

 ఉడికించిన తర్వాత వేడివేడిగా వడ్డించాలి . 

పోషక విలువలు
. 100 గ్రా . ల ఈ పదార్థములో ప్రోటీన్స్ 7 . 44 గ్రా . , కొవ్వు 20 . 28 గ్రా . , శక్తి 379 . 78 కి . కాలరీస్ , కాల్సియం 52 . 57 మి . గ్రా . , భాస్వరం 180 . 31 మి . గ్రా . , మరియు ఇనుము 2 . 20 మి . గ్రా .

జొన్న రవ్వ ఉప్మా

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