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Facebook is one of the most used social platforms in recent times due to its 2.23 billion monthly active users worldwide. Whatever be the goals of your business – from lead generation to brand awareness—Facebook has and will definitely make up a substantial fragment of your business marketing strategies in the upcoming year.

With so much happening on Facebook, acquiring more likes on your Facebook page is an indispensable factor when brands look for corporates with influencers. This article will help you to learn the best Android and iPhone app to get likes on Facebook. 

Don’t forget that there might be various approaches to get likes on Facebook yet there are some authentic and free ways that you can do now.

Know the Best Timing to Post to Get More Likes On Facebook.

Timing is essential with regards to posting posts on any social media stage. It's critical to know what time your crowd use the social media handle. For example, if you post your posts when people are working or sleeping, you are probably going to reach a little population.

Here are the steps to follow:

Making a Facebook group is perhaps the most ideal approaches to get loads of likes and followers on Facebook. However, simply making the group isn't sufficient. 

You need to likes guarantee that the members are active.

The most ideal approach to keep your group dynamic is by posing questions. When individuals join the group, ask them what they might want to discuss.

Method:1 - FB Liker

FB Liker is one of the best auto liker apps to get likes on Facebook on Android phones. Increasing likes on your FB status, photos, and even publishing the comments on your FB status is possible with the FB Liker. The token of the previous users of Auto Likers is used to like or comment on your Facebook photos and statuses to increase likes. The features are-

  • Automatically generated likes from reliable sources
  • Easy download of the app
  • Auto-generated likes are spam free
  • Get instant real-time likes in just one click
  • Advertisement free software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Give the link of your post and not Facebook id or password for generating likes

This app is light and functional and works at a lightning-fast speed. The best part is Metal is accessible wherever you want, and now Twitter is also available from this app. Metal is a battery-efficient substitute for the Facebook app. The features of Metal include

Method:2 - Get Instant Likes

Getting instant followers, likes, comments, and views on your posts completely free is possible with the Get Instant Likes app. It also helps to get the top tags to use it on your posts, which help this app to get likes on Facebook in real-time. The features are-

  • Speedy and lightning-fast app
  • Popular hashtag database
  • Get unlimited likes and comments
  • Get Instant Likes

Method:3 - Use of Testimonials.

You realize that there are a few people who won't look at what your brand can offer if there are no testimonials or reviews about your organization.

Individuals need to see the reasonableness of what you are offering to them – and the most ideal approach to convey this is through testimonials. This builds your credibility. Urge your customers to share their reviews as well.

In their Consumer Review Survey 2014, Search Engine Land established that 88% of purchasers trust online reviews as close to personal reviews.

A positive survey about your items or services is probably going to pull in a great deal of new clients – and help you with getting greater engagement on Facebook.


When you have such amazing apps to get likes on Facebook, you don't need to worry. Just post the right content and let these apps for Android and iPhone work its magic on your content to gain more likes and views. The best thing is all the above apps are free and easy to use, which increases the reach of your posts effortlessly. If you want to make a video to get likes quickly.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook



How to Overcome Leverage Browser Caching Favicon :

At First Open Blogger > Click the Themes Menu > Click Edit HTML :

Then try to find the above code which is given below : 

<link href='/favicon.ico' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/>

Replace The Below code with your domain name has showed in the below File :

<link href='' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/>

Then change the above things & click on save option has soon has you save the above Leverage Browser Caching Favicon gets activated which makes the webpage load smooth & Faster than other webpages 

Also Make sure to implement the correct coded HTML to get the best & optimized results. teluguheal  

How to Overcome Leverage Browser Caching Favicon

For those of you who use their blog as a source of income, you must be familiar with Google AdSense. Yes, Google AdSense is a Google product which is one of the reasons and the attraction of publishers to further develop their sites. 

Although not all of them have the same reason. On the other hand AdSense is one of the contributors to loading because the ads displayed by JS AdSense will reduce the loading speed of our blog even though JS AdSense is already using asynchronous, but still it will still make the blog wait longer to load. 

Here I will provide an example of a before and after comparison image using this Lazy Load AdSense trick. Well, for those of you who want to speed up loading your blog, please follow these tips.

Open Blogger>  Click the Themes menu >  Click the Edit HTML button > Add the code below before </body> or &lt;!--</body>--&gt;&lt;/body&gt; 

<script type='text/javascript'>
// Lazy Load AdSense
var lazyadsense=!1;window.addEventListener("scroll",function(){(0!=document.documentElement.scrollTop&&!1===lazyadsense||0!=document.body.scrollTop&&!1===lazyadsense)&&(!function(){var e=document.createElement("script");e.type="text/javascript",e.async=!0,e.src="";var a=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];a.parentNode.insertBefore(e,a)}(),lazyadsense=!0)},!0);

If not, make sure to remove all AdSense JS links that are usually installed in the AdSense ad unit code. Like this :

<script async src="//"></script>

by this code you can lazy load the ads this is safe for the AdSense also makes your website green, value makes website load has super fast gives your users a signal of professional site while comparing to others.  Make sure you apply this code to your side for safe & faster performance of site which increases the site value, google rankings of the site 

Share the Articles to your co bloggers for more crazy useful codes for bloggers., teluguheal


Speed ​​up Blog Loading with Lazy Load AdSense

Best gaming laptop under 30000 

Gaming laptops come with large size & value they have the most powerful cooling systems to protect laptop from height most probably gaming laptop starts at price range of 30,000 or more this laptops are made for high gaming & powerful editing software's List of top 10 best laptops under 30000 in also available here.

If you are going with a gaming laptop, then you might consider checking out the third-generation Intel Core i3 processor. With a processor this powerful, you can expect to get up to two-thirds more processing power than any of the previous generations of processors, making your laptop ready for all of your gaming needs. Along with the powerful processor comes the wonderful benefits of having fourGB of RAM, a huge amount of hard drive space, and an incredible optical drive that stores your favorite videos, music, and pictures.

The last piece of hardware that you will definitely need to check into is a good video card. The best video cards are made by both AMD and Nvidia, and the two companies have formed an alliance to provide gamers with the very best that they can get when it comes to video card performance. With such a powerful video card in hand, you can expect to enjoy an all new gaming experience with the newest laptops on the market today, running everything from your favorite Windows applications to highly intensive graphics-intensive games that will take your breath away

First, gaming laptops are typically more powerful than regular laptops for the same price. However, they do not have the same portability that a normal laptop has. Normal laptops can be taken anywhere with ease, while a serious gamer may want to consider investing in a mobility device such as a mobile gaming console to take with them. These devices are also significantly more expensive, which may make them a better investment if you are looking for a high performance laptop with a long battery life, but aren't concerned about portability.

Second, gaming laptop computers are typically more expensive than normal laptops due to their higher performance. This means that these machines must be purchased at full price in order to make up the difference in performance; this is where you should spend the majority of your budget. If you are planning on investing in a machine for use at home, you may find it advantageous to look into third party accessories such as keyboards and monitors in addition to the laptop itself in order to maximize your machine's capabilities. Gaming laptop market trends indicate that consumers are willing to spend more for the latest and greatest equipment, so this is definitely something to keep in mind when shopping around

1. HP Pavilion Gaming Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3550H : 

Dedicated Graphic Memory Type                  GDDR5

Dedicated Graphic Memory Capacity           4 GB

Processor Brand                                           AMD

Processor Name                                           Ryzen 5 Quad Core

RAM                                                              8 GB

HDD Capacity                                               1 TB

Clock Speed                                                 Up to 3.7 GHz

RAM Frequency                                            2400 MHz

Cache                                                            6 MB

Graphic Processor                                        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

Another thing that you will want to consider for the best gaming laptop is the size. The smaller, and more portable, notebooks often provide better battery life. The size of the notebook often falls into the medium size range. You can choose from several different sizes between ten and seventeen inches, depending on how you plan to use the notebook.

2.  Acer Aspire 7 Ryzen 7 Quad Core 3750H

Dedicated Graphic Memory Type                           GDDR6

Dedicated Graphic Memory Capacity                     4 GB

Processor Brand                                                     AMD

Processor Name                                                     Ryzen 7 Quad Core

SSD Capacity                                                         512 GB

RAM                                                                        8 GB

RAM Type                                                               DDR4

Processor Variant                                                   3750H

Clock Speed v                                                        2.3 GHz   Up to 4 GHz

Cache                                                                     6 MB

Graphic Processor                                                 
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

3.  HP 15 Ryzen 3 Dual Core 3200U 

Processor Brand                                    AMD

Processor Name                                    Ryzen 3 Dual Core

RAM                                                       4 GB

RAM Type                                              DDR4

Processor Variant                                  3200U

Clock Speed                                          2.6 GHz  Up to 3.5 GHz

RAM Frequency                                    2400 MHz

RPM                                                      5400

Graphic Processor                               AMD Radeon Vega 3

This are the most powerful laptops for gaming under 30000 which are my choice which gives the base with gaming without lagging or forth force too this laptop of hp & Lenovo has cover with most same species but hard in performance 

gaming laptop under 30000


Here are the Top 5 Best Earphones Brands in 2021


  • Sound quality  when looking for earphones, sound quality is at the top of the list of things to consider. for a brand  also  Make sure to watch out for the model’s response which means the overall design of the earphone and range of frequencies that it can come up with technology 

  • Fitness  you don’t want your earphones to come out of your ears Because no ear canal is the same, you may want to consider earphones that have customizable buds which help you the most 

  • Water-resistance  this is important because when you’re going to be using a lot. Fluids can ruin the sound output of your earphones which will damage the sensitive hardware and make the sound noisy and brassy make sure you use best earphone brands 

  • Battery –  battery life and capacity is important.  where has it makes you sure that you must have at least 5000mhz of storage What is tricky about earphones, particularly Bluetooth earphones is that it doesn’t last long. The better the sound quality, the more battery it drains since it needs to power more hardware to cover all frequencies but the experience is to far the best

  • Budget Bluetooth earphones are not cheap. but when we get the best brand if works it does not cost enough for a good working branded  earphone boat, skull candy  and more are some of the top brands which are the most used a good once Check most selling and best earphones under 1000 list. 

Top 5 Brands of earphones which long last & has good Sound Base :

 1. Bose Earbuds  

This is the most used earphones brand which is highly recommended also this earphones have a long lasting Battery performance where compared to others  which has Bluetooth 5.0 & more other Best Parts

2. Skull Candy Earbuds 

For the most selling Brand of India of the most which is of highly recommended by the people has of their long lasting & high performing battery with good sound base of quality pods which comes up with the most fascinating looks  quality Performance 

3. JBL 

This is also the most used earphones but this earphones cost a long more than compared to other brands for Earphones has their performance wise this also considered has Best Brand

4. Sony

Most commonly used Brand of the most people this brand is working high on the process of making Earphones also provides the best quality Earphones of part

5. Boat 

The most selling Brand of the year in all shopping platform this Brand makes a High quality earphones with good Customer services with faster charging & more battery backup options with high technology's in Bid for spurious quality 

This are best Recommended brands by experts which never fail in part of quality & sound Base also this brand offer the best presence of service warranty 

Top 5 Best Earphones Brands in 2021

 In their recent quarterly earnings call, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich indicated that his company's mobile processor plans were still on track. This is a surprising development since, just recently, Intel had declared that its upcoming mobile processors, codenamed "Knuckle Sandwich," would not be able to meet the demands of the mobile industry. So how did Intel come to this conclusion? 

According to Krzanich, the reason that Intel had concluded that it could produce the Knuckle Sandwich mobile processor was because it "found several bugs in the existing code." When these bugs are removed from a product, the problem usually goes away. It appears that by removing these bugs, Intel was able to improve the overall quality of the mobile processor.

The current state of the mobile processors is a result of Intel's dedication to providing a high quality product. But does this mean that there are no other companies who are capable of producing high-quality mobile processors? And if so, why are all of the companies in the mobile industry not using Intel's latest technology?

In order to understand why Intel failed in its mobile processors, it is necessary to look at what is involved in the process. A high speed integrated circuit is a complex piece of hardware, which is made up of many transistors. A low speed integrated circuit, or simply referred to as a CMOS, is basically just one transistor. Both types of integrated circuits have the same purpose, which is to convert the electrical energy in the form of data into an appropriate form of energy for use in a device.

Before the existence of the semiconductor industry, chips were built out of wooden blocks of sand. Chips were used in various machines such as the water pump, the printing press, and even the internal-combustion engine. However, today's technology has changed the way that chips are produced. This has led to faster chips being built, which has led to increased prices.

Chips used in computers and other devices are produced through three different processes. These include the process of making the circuit by using traditional methods, the method of making a single chip using semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and the method of making multiple chips using interconnecting chips and integrated circuits.

Today, the majority of semiconductor manufacturing plants utilize CMOS manufacturing techniques to create their chips. However, the vast majority of the rest of the production process is done through using process nodes, or logic cells, which are basically individual chips that make up the circuit.

In the past, chip makers believed that they could only offer mobile processors based upon their CMOS manufacturing abilities. However, they soon discovered that they could actually create a large variety of different mobile processors using less expensive and more efficient manufacturing techniques. In addition, these manufacturing techniques were not only cheaper than the older techniques, but they were also far more accurate, efficient, and reliable. It is therefore possible for these newer chip makers to compete successfully in the mobile processor market.

Today's chip makers are able to use different processes in order to produce chips that are different in some ways from each other. For example, one of the most popular techniques involves making a single chip from a single die. This is known as an on-chip process, and the benefit of this process is that the device can be manufactured from a single chip rather than having to purchase a large number of chips to produce a single device.

There are a variety of other processes that can also be used. However, the most popular methods involve making several devices that are based upon different processes. This is because in order to produce a high quality product, all devices that are being manufactured should be designed and manufactured using similar techniques.

Because of this, it was not until relatively recently that it became possible to use these new techniques and combine them in order to produce more accurate and effective mobile processors. Most of these new techniques were developed in response to a need for more reliable and efficient manufacturing methods. These new techniques, known as "FPUs" or Field Programmable Gate Arrays, were developed in order to provide consumers with better control over the performance of chips. This means that the chip can be easily controlled in order to control the amount of information that it is able to store, and to control the speed at which it is able to respond to commands.

As you can see, there is a great deal of complexity that is involved in the manufacture of chips, but the basic concept of the manufacturing process is simple enough for anyone to understand. Intel failed in its mobile processors because it failed to make its chips correctly.

Know Why Intel Failed in Its Mobile Processors


How To Pick Out The Top 10 Cloud Data Storage Companies

There are many people out there who would love to have a top 10 list of the best cloud data storage service providers. It is a fact that there are many different types of these services and so it can be difficult to choose the right one. When making your list, make sure that you also consider the options that they have to offer as well. Hostgator is also a trusted hosting provider company. You can also save your money with latest hostgator coupon codes. 

One type of cloud data storage service that you may want to consider is a cloud-based backup service. This will allow you to save files in the cloud in order to make sure that there are no file corruption issues. This way you can be assured that no matter how badly your files may get affected by an accident that is outside your control, you will still be able to restore them.

Another type of this service is called a hosted backup service. This allows for a third party to take over the responsibilities of backing up your files on your server in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is a great option because this third party will never have access to the files or know how to open them.

A third type of service that you may want to look at is a remote backup service. This service will allow you to have access to the files stored on your servers at any time. This is done through an online network which allows for this to be accessed at any time.

A fourth type of service that you may want to consider is a remote database service. This allows for you to access the files from any location around the world. You can even connect to this service and get instant access to any data in your database.

A fifth type of cloud data storage service that you may want to consider is a web-based backup service. This allows for you to make sure that you do not have any files or information deleted accidentally as it happens. This is a great type of service to use because you will be able to recover any files that were accidentally deleted.

A sixth type of cloud data storage service that you may want to consider is the virtualization. This will help you to store a large number of files and keep them separated. This is done through the use of a virtual machine and virtualization software.

Once you have made your top 10 cloud storage list, you can then start to start checking into the different companies that you are considering. To see how many of the different services are currently offered and how many services they have.

Once you have all of the different services that are out there and how many you have to choose from, you can make your decision by determining the best one that fits your needs best. You should always remember to keep a few things in mind before you choose the top ten cloud data storage companies.

One of the most important factors is whether or not they are backed up. With a hard drive or an external hard drive.

The next thing is if their service will be scalable. So that your data can be easily accessed by you or others on a large scale. Also, the amount of space that is available on the server should be taken into consideration.

Another very important factor is whether or not the service will be hosted. On your own system or be hosted on a cloud. This will determine what type of management is provided. If the service is hosted on a cloud, you may want to make sure that the company has a good reputation with customer support.

Pick Out The Top 10 Cloud Data Storage Companies

lets start with organic farming 

Organic farming has been a very old tradition in India for growing plants without using chemicals
India has been using organic farming from more than 200 decades in India many farmers have a hand in  Growth of plants like sugar cane & lots more organic 

 Has far from in India organic farming stood first in the form of healthy food They are many organic farming methods playing important roles in the mean of growth of plants Many India farms have left organic farming has after this modern chemical farming started which has led to a drop down in the growth of organic farming & farmers now stopped organic & moved to inorganic has of modern farming 
Has of organic farming gives high quality food where has modern farming is not at all in a position of giving the quality of food by means of inorganic or modern farming 
Many scientists have told that using of this kind of food may lead to lot of Diseases including cancer 
Even this happens farmers continue to work on modern farming for means of earning money than the quality of food which is served India has been in

a very high demand of organic farming after modern farming started even a very big demand has started for the production or purchase of food which is organic  also with the means of food of quality farming has again started in the move to organic 
Has many disasters started after mordan farming in India of spread if chemicals which are most harmful for nature & also for Indian soil which is the most fertile once. 

organic farming in India & real truth of farming

How we can get right of medical bills ??

Insurance the one of the most important & main think whichever help people to secure their life 
Insurance plays a very important role in Indiana cultures so far to get a gain hope of healthy leaving gas far we all know the main motive if Indian familys is to secure their money & over come their expenses so far "insurance" Plays a Very important role in the motive of getting a insurance

Has far 70% people in India are aware of insurance & always ready to pay some money to secure their wanted once to get their problems solved & healthy & happy leaving so far we must approval to a very good insurance to secure a healthy life of loved ❤😘 once in family 

Has far many middle class people can't effort such a high Price for getting a insurance so they approach towards a low but efficiency insurance for their families
So far only the people who are below poverty can't effort insurance so far they move on to government for needs & they fulfill with government policys 


Insurance is playing a very main & major role in totall ecosystem of the country also  through the world 

Has far in India with people are totally engaged with this & also company's are always in a way to over come has far to make profits by giving the good effortable plans has far this can guide the people of the nation to get a good approach on the matter of approval has far in India many & most of insurance companies had made a effective profits from this motive plans far has over To come across need & growth of shares insurance companies help in guide of growth of Indian economy 

Even far today many! Even gaming companys like "pubg" & has far free fire are interested in this type of business has far people are facing lot of issues from gaming (minute) like from pubg & free fire 

how can we secure over health by money? for loved once

India & its history of Cultures & food for healthy indian life:

India is a very big nation which has more than 250+ languages has far India needs lot of food for the growth & sustainable development of the  society;

So Indian farmer are boon for the nation they work has far to give food for the total nation to survival Indian is one among the largest food producers so far in the world

mean while this is OK but what about quality of food ? 

India needs a quality food for high enhancement of the nation so far many nature lovers take this has a job to over come & commitment to provide a quality food for the nation 
Many parts of different states provide different kinds of ecosystems & different kinds of foods 

has far in India we need a very very long amount of food chain & transport for the food exchange of what we produce ; This is main problem which causes lot of energy also natural resources like petrol, to transport which causes lot of pollution

How should we over come pollution ?

mean while a research told that India is producing lot of pollution in mean while it is seen in the parts of north so far in capital of India that  lot of pollution is formed;

Solution for the problems ?

To stop pollution we all need Plants & so far it is easy to grow 

we need to stop has far transport to over come needs by using organic or cycle farming so we can enlarge the growth of foods without pollution & transports 

this a main factor which help the Indian economy to grow without pollution & faster ecosystem nature 

mean while i  suggest this to happen in India so far to come across with climate change or further pollution in Indian levels 

this is the main approach of Indian economy;

How about in society?

in over house hold we also start the approach of planting the food which is useful for not only for humans & also far animals which can survive

has far this steps may level decrease the pollution & help in a hand of healthy & good ecosystem growth in India so far that can be the measures to help gudie the future of Indians

food for healthy life in Indian society! problems of India ?

Water is our most abundant resource and covers about 71% of the earth's surface. About 97% of the earth's total water is ocean water and is too salty for drinking, irrigalion and most industrial purposes. Cut of the remaining, more than three-fourths is unable for use because it lies too far under the earth's surface or is locked up in glacier, polar ice caps etc. Ultimately, only abcut 0.003% of the world's water supply is available as fresh water for human use. This supply is also unevenly distributed. Human beings have corrected these imbalances with varying degrees of success by. capturing water in reservoirs behind dams, transferring water in rivers and streams from one area to a different, tapping underground supplies, and attempting to scale back water use, waste and contamination. With the growth of human population, there is an increasing need for large amounts of water to fulfil everyone's needs One of the greatest challenges facing the world is the management of water resources. Water sources are overused or wasted to such an extent that they locally run dry. Water sources are also becoming heavily polluted by sewage and toxic substances that it becomes impossible to use this water. The mismanagement of water resources has resulted in inequitable distribution of water. Some use more water than they need while others do not have access to clean water to all In short, water resource management is the process of managing both the quantity and quality of the water usedd for human benefit without destroying its availability and purity.


Since most of the Indian rivers are non-perennial with meagre storages, and nural villages are generally located at far off distances from these rivers, it has generally not been feasible to supply surface waters to the seattered and isolated rural areas. Most af our villages depend upon ground water supplies, to be extracted through wells and tubeuells. In hilly regions sometimes, natural springs are available in exceptional cases. The degree and type of treatment to be given depend upon the quality of water source available. Various water sources available in rural areas are: 1. Rivers and Streams: Generally, the waters of rivers and streams are soft, containing relatively low concentrations of dissolved salts. They are often affected by pollution in small streams near settlements. The quality of the water can vary considerably with rainfall, but turbidity can be expected at most times. Slow flowing rivers can contain considerable amounts of organic matter. 2. Lakes: Large lakes, in general, have the water quality as fairly good and consistent Near the areas of industrial and agricultural development, and sewage and industrial efluent discharges may affect the water to such an extent that it becomes impracticable to consider it as a source for public water supply. 3. Springs and Boreholes: Springs are natural sources of ground water, while the boreholes are dug or drilled to lift ground water. These sources can provide reliable water supply. Moreover, if properly maintained and kept sufficiently away from pit privies and soakpits, they can provide us water aimost free from pollution. Proper protection of the site of spring from defecation and drainage is very important to avoid its contamination. Such a source can be utilised to provide supply to a community without pumping, at minimum cost and maintenance. A well or a bore hole is dugged or drilled into the permeable strata, and the water lifted manually or by mechanical pumps. It is usually advisable to prevent surtace water entering the well by sealing the top section with brick or concrete, as shown in Figs. 10.1 and 102 for dug well and driven tube well respectively.

. Underground Storage Tanks: Underground storage tanks or tanks at ground level are required to collect water from municipal supply lines, if the water pressure in the main is insufficient to reach the overhead tank. The water is then pumped up to the overhead tanks. Direct use of pumps on the municipal mains is prohibited by the municipal authorities, as it reduces the water pressure in the adjoining houses or buildings. Such a tank is made of R.C.C or brick masonry, and has to be structurally designed safe to withstand earth pressure (when the tank is empty). The tank is to be filled from the municipal supply inlet, and is covered trom the top to avoid any contamination. The top cover may be provided with a manhole for inspection and cleaning purposes. Suitable pump is installed to tift the water from this tank and up to the overhead tank. Care should be taken to construct an underground tank so thats () It is water-Tight and does not leak when empty or full: (ii) It is not located in low-lying areas, which may permit entry of surface water from the top: (i) It should prevent ingress of subsoil water into the tank through leakage; (iv) It should not be located near sewers, septic tanks, soak pits, oil tanks, or under- ground car parking areas, to avoid seepage of polluted surface waters; (r) The overflow water level in the tank should be above the surrounding ground level, to prevent the surface water from entering the tank through overflows; (vi) The masonry or R.C.C. retaining walls of the tank should be structurally safe to withstand the earth pressure from behind, when the tank is empty. General Requirements of Domestic Storage Tanks

 1. It should be water tight.

 2. It should be constructed with non-corrosive and non-toxic materials.

 3. These should be provided with vent pipe for ventilation and preventing pressures when water is withdrawn. 
4. These should have overflow pipe along with ball valve with flsat.

 5. These should have a scour pipe with a plug at the bottom for emptying the tank.

 6, These should have manhole with cover on the roof of the tank to prevent entry of dust mosquitoes etc.

technology & effective growth of water sources for food

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