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 Digital Learning & E-Learning in Indian Educational System 
Digital learning has now become a very big platform for many students to approach has there is growth since the major part of the distance of the platform from the virus now university have started to approach the newly & effective part of learning by the major roll part of the education many private institutions like VIT uses digital platforms for their E-Learning for even then I come has a secondary path where it is not been followed by any kind of university of government based colleges so far in India! Udemy is an best platform for e-learning. You can find more then 60k courses on Udemy. If you want to purchase any course from Udemy then use Udemy coupon to save a lot of your money.

Digital platforms like Microsoft teams & major company's pay a Hugh amount in the implementation in the part of e-learning in major forms also in India this is followed But even then there is a Hugh problem faced through the quality of education from digital platforms has such e platforms are a secondary major part for the learning for the education
Institutions are now only in a path of completing their degrees nor their aim to innovative ideas for the students to study has far many are companies are invited to plan a platform for digital learning only for the completion of the syllabus Has far they do what is been approached to gain the knowledge for the once

Digital E-Learning in the World of the Internet :
Digital learning is seen as the most conman has to for form them to invest like for the certificates many brands only major part like getting certified only based on the payment received for the courses many start getting an idea for the once of getting answers from the other platforms & start cracking the need of the answers to get them self-certificated for the once their major path is just to get the once certified on based of money nor the effectiveness of delivering knowledge to the needed once Digital Learning in India is a business for the major once they just influence to keep learning the courses which are not even worth full & even for the need of employment for a person has far their idea is to trap a person to keep their business growing far better in India we find a lot of fake certified once has they transfer their part for the digital platforms by giving their needed money to them 

Digital Learning & growth in remote places of India & Growth of education in poor:  

Learning from digital platforms is like getting Gold for free in India & people from poor backward places has a dream to see How it happens many people of India are new to the digital platforms even than their the major

 company's offer the most who have certificates than the talent the poor cant get their certificates from digital has it does not have any scope of learning from the digital the people of poor financial status remains the same where has the people get their certificates from the digital Learning & courses It is like a fact the poor remains poor by not having enough money to obtain by digital learning or the digital platforms Where have others keep going on with many certificates to crack their jobs in India Many people lag by not getting enough skills & cant crack their jobs & remain their talent into a form of dust in their brain

E- Learning in indian Educational System

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