January 2020 - Teluguheal
lets start with organic farming 

Organic farming has been a very old tradition in India for growing plants without using chemicals
India has been using organic farming from more than 200 decades in India many farmers have a hand in  Growth of plants like sugar cane & lots more organic 

 Has far from in India organic farming stood first in the form of healthy food They are many organic farming methods playing important roles in the mean of growth of plants Many India farms have left organic farming has after this modern chemical farming started which has led to a drop down in the growth of organic farming & farmers now stopped organic & moved to inorganic has of modern farming 
Has of organic farming gives high quality food where has modern farming is not at all in a position of giving the quality of food by means of inorganic or modern farming 
Many scientists have told that using of this kind of food may lead to lot of Diseases including cancer 
Even this happens farmers continue to work on modern farming for means of earning money than the quality of food which is served India has been in

a very high demand of organic farming after modern farming started even a very big demand has started for the production or purchase of food which is organic  also with the means of food of quality farming has again started in the move to organic 
Has many disasters started after mordan farming in India of spread if chemicals which are most harmful for nature & also for Indian soil which is the most fertile once. 

organic farming in India & real truth of farming

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